show up

Just show up. Some days, that is my entire plan. Just show up. Since I work for a tyrannical boss (self-employed) and she does not issue any sick days, vacation days, or personal days of any kind, showing up is a given. I could have had a promising career as a professional procrastinator, but decided to submit myself and just SHOW UP.

Well, here I am. Committed to the BlogHer challenge to blog everyday, I am staring at my blog once again…without a plan.

No, that’s not entirely true. I do have a plan of sorts, (for all of my work-) it looks like this…

1. Show up.
2. Start somewhere
3. Keep going

….if I really start to flounder
– take a walk (the dog likes this solution)
– start cleaning something (this usually pushes me right back to work!)
– read a piece of an old favorite (so I can just pick it up and flip it open anywhere and know what is going on…and avoid getting completely stuck) 

Julia Cameron has a sign in her workspace that says, ” Great Creator, I will take care of the quantity, You take care of the quality.”  

Good advice. The writing that pays the bills has taken a real hit over the past couple weeks…..and I was even seriously questioning my ability to pop back into teaching….but showing up was all I needed to do. Those classes are like plugging myself into an electrical outlet- I walked in flat and unsure….but within minutes felt the charge of energy from teaching/art/students… and thankfully, I planned extra messy painting and sculpture projects and ridiculous cartooning lessons … there is something magical about mayhem (for me at least.) 

So, here is the plan. Show up, do something….ta da, that’s it….one day I will crawl out of this slump (and have an odd record of the process to boot)….

all because i believe you…

Must be present to win

ah, that could be the topic of my next post ……