she’s real I tell ya

Okay, I admit it, I believe in the Tooth Fairy. 
wait, no, that’s not true…I know there is no such being, but…
knowing and believing are two separate things entirely
I never cared for, or made it a point to perpetuate belief in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny…never looked at storks as anything other than birds and think rainbows are treasure enough, but the tooth fairy slipped in and captured my imagination. I’ve refused to face facts on this matter. As a mom, I’ve proudly worked as her secretary, dictated letters on pretty “Tooth Fairy exclusive stationery”, sprinkled a glittery trail and made a Very Big Deal out of her stealthy nighttime switcheroos. In fact, when my third child was still a preschooler, not a loose tooth in sight – he grabbed a pair of pliers to try to gain the attention of the Tooth Fairy…oops. 
Even twelve year old molars get the same royal fairy treatment. Why not, what’s the point in giving up the fun? In much the same way, I am believing something impossible right now. Something akin to the earth being round when everyone knows it is flat….er wait, that was discounted right?  So, just because everyone says it cannot be done  ~whatever~  a good fantasy is worth the hassle. Write out plans, sprinkle the glitter, make a very big deal out of it ….and… well, whatever actually happens, happens.  
this photo has significance
-but i don’t want to give up the mystery just yet-  
Facts do not negate dreams- nor should they. What would be the point in dreaming then?  Step right to the very edge of the cliff, right to where the rocks are starting to give way and FLY.   
Stop, no, I meant figuratively… wait – please don’t do that,  not a good example….
note: this blogger assumes no responsibility for any negative flying experiences

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3 wishes for 11-11-11
well, there is that one, and the other and I really really want a certain something to happen
oh, I have wishes
ah, but sorry, shhhhhhh..
like birthday candles-gotta keep them to myself for now