Numbers are strangely significant to me…especially the combo 127, but I will refrain from taking you, dear reader, too far down the labyrinth of my mind ….instead I’ll just give you a brief tour …..

(and don’t worry there is a way out)

The Butterfly Effect, was discovered when scientist Edward Norton Lorenz took a little shortcut. Instead of entering .506127, he entered .506. Strangely enough, leaving off the completely insignificant .000127, created a radical difference. Lorenz was using a computer program to predict weather conditions and this .000127 difference in wind velocity altered the scenario more than anyone would have imagined. .000127 is like the amount of wind created by the flapping wings of a butterfly. Hence, The Butterfly Effect.

I know this concept has been made into a movie—-but I haven’t seen it……read about it, that’s enough for me. Instead, I will keep this floaty concept and adopt the number 127 for myself…

to me, 127 = the idea that a tiny variation, an insignificant shift – MATTERS.

The fact that a miniscule action can initiate a chain of meteorological events so intensely different that a bright sunny day could turn into a tornado…. means to me, that a baby step in the right direction can create an enormously different future.

One small, seemingly insignificant choice, reverberates throughout your life.  um…..no doom and gloom intended….

sure, my mind goes there too, I wonder about the very small choices that led to my friend’s accidental death and I cannot help but second-guess every detail about my day…..”should I, shouldn’t I, what if.”…ugh.

….but the good news is that one small move set in motion can create a shift….and I won’t know until the game is over what the last chess move will be.


although I love CRAZY CHANGES, completely RIDICULOUS SCHEMES and BIG PL ANS…. those are hard to maintain…an itty bitty sidestep in the matrix of life can do much the same thing without any need to completely ditch your current life.

127 – sums up all my dreams – superstitious, maybe….but backed by science
baby steps, baby

(and…for those of you who know me in real life…
Yes Yes Yes
127 is THAT desire too…
and the other thing..in case you thought of the one before the other :)
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…..and just because.

EVEN BETTER, this theory was not originally compared to a butterfly…..Lorenz actually said, 

“if the theory were correct, one flap of a seagull’s wings would be enough to alter the course of the weather forever.”

yeah, I can totally see how that image would not conjure up the same mentality.
“mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine”


5 thoughts on “127

  1. I think this line was just spot on: "that a baby step in the right direction can create an enormously different future" This one line resonates with me right now. Excellent post!! I hope you are doing okay–I know losing a friend is tough!

  2. From the perspective of the elderly, I know beyond a shadow of doubt that it was some of the little things that made the biggest changes on the path through life. I came to realize this fully in 2006 when I finally reconnected with my stepdaughters after a 35 year absence from their lives. (Not my choosing, but I was the one who got the divorce, so…maybe) Anyway, I cried buckets of tears when I learned what my precious little stepdaughters went through after the divorce. If I had known back then what I know now, I surely wouldn't have made certain decisions I did back then – more than 40 years ago. A multiple of small decisions that finally lead to the really big, wrong decision. I HATE hindsight!

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