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Daily bloggers have a shiny new platform on BlogHer… starting TODAY.  Fun.
Also starting today is NaNoWriMo…which I do not see as quite as “fun” but it should be um, interesting to see how it all develops. Which leads me to the prompt of the day, 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
What is your favorite part about writing?

I write in several different ways, for a variety of reasons;

I write lists to keep my thoughts organized (and in theory, my life)
I write to earn an income (the fact that I can exchange words for dollars never ceases to amaze me)
I write to keep in touch with people, real and virtual

but, my favorite part of writing is when the words just pop in my mind, nearly fully formed, poems, stories, -thoughts that I didn’t have a moment before, and will lose if I hesitate a moment more…the kind of fast and furious writing that produces something I do not recognize. This is the writing I love. Like me, it doesn’t seem to keep a regular schedule, so I am never quite sure when I can do this kind of writing, but I love a good surprise, so am perfectly content letting it knock on my skull whenever it feels like it.

This is the writing I don’t want to explain, like a painting I don’t want to analyze it or read into it….it just is, please leave it alone. (*ahem, sorry for that, not intended for everyone reading*)

AND this is why I am a little scared of the novel writing challenge, I have always “written” in spurts, not worked on a novel, “honed my craft.”  This is brand new, but then again, so was writing online, giving up my pencil and privacy for this blog, teaching creative writing, and then writing as a full-time career….all new and intensely scary at one point. So, while I will always love those writing surprises, I need to keep moving on…and see where the words take me.

alternate answer
*if I wasn’t a writer, full of words,
I could have answered the prompt …..
what is my favorite part about writing? 
No Cubicle!   No time clock!    No limits!