Spooky little girl like you

“Spooky little girl like you”   

The BFF prompt today is the song Spooky… 

….funny story I went to pick up my son on a dark, foggy night over the Halloween weekend and was stopped by the-longest-train-in-the-history-of-trains….while sitting there with my oldest daughter, all the doors in the SUV in front of us opened…and all the boys scrambled out in a great big Chinese fire drill. One of the teens looked like my daughters friend, Connor. I said, “Go on, knock on their window, say hi, scare them, go on, it’ll be funny.”

Oh. It was funny all right.

She knocked, then swung the back door open and poked her head in the vehicle….. 
You’re not Connor!
…slammed the door and ran back to our car. 

and sat there.

while the train went on and on and on….

when it finally moved, we had no choice but to follow the SUV – it turned down the first street, then the next and then our road…… then whew, it turned and we went home.

She said those boys looked really scared when she flung the door open… my spooky little girl gave them a Halloween they won’t forget!  – including a great story to tell all their friends about the crazy chic on the dark foggy Halloween night…


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  1. LMAO that is hilarious!! She was probably as freaked out to realize she didn't know anyone in the SUV as they were to have some crazy chick fling their door open. LOL Thanks for the laugh this morning!!Kathyhttp://gigglingtruckerswife.blogspot.com/

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