spaghetti in heaven

King Louie loved spaghetti and meatballs…..

Louie came to live with us twelve years ago. A little Havanese, this feisty Cuban pup was a ‘consolation prize’ of sorts. The breeder felt terrible about an unfortunate accident involving my Labrador Retriever and let my kids choose one of her new puppies. Louie was a cutie, a white and black curly haired fluff ball. 

*The accident: We dropped Nike (my black lab) off at a friend’s house the night before we left on vacation….but, before we actually left – my friend called and said there had been an accident….her neighbor’s dog, a German Shepherd, attacked my small lab pup and broke several bones- we rushed over, took Nike to the vet….but she didn’t make it.*

I was never a “small dog” person, but Lou became part of the family.  Liza Jane, the cat I introduced below, came right about the same time, and they were buds.

Louie loved carrots which turned his mouth orange, and spaghetti – which he couldn’t have of course, but the smell drove him crazy…and over the years, he had his share. he’d steal a bite – and the evidence on his curly white fur was clear.

Since he was a Havanese, he did not shed, his curly hair just grew and grew and grew…more often than not he looked like a dirty mop. The photo above was right after a grooming – a very rare occurrence. So, needless to say, Lou was not often very photogenic.

                                                      Unlike this fancy creature…..

  We are going to miss the little moppy fella.

The good news is that everyone was home, this is not the norm for a Saturday morning. I wondered if he would even make it through the night – so, while I am so sad he is gone…my oldest (who was only 8 when we brought lou home) held him as he took his last breaths and everyone else stood nearby.  precious.

                               I hope they serve spaghetti in heaven….with meatballs.


3 thoughts on “spaghetti in heaven

  1. Oh Sylvie, what a sweet tribute to Louie. I'm so sorry that you and your family are hurting, but glad that everyone got to be there for Louie's last moments. He surely knew just how much he was loved.

  2. If spaghetti would make Lou happy, he shall have it in heaven, of that I am sure. I am so sorry for you and your family and so happy for Louie that he had such a wonderful life with each of you. (((((HUGS)))) the biggest hugs ever and a tissue for your heart. <3

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