Miss Understood


I write. That is what I do. I interpret what I see, no what I feel – then I spin it through the wash cycle, toss it in the blender, rip it up and then paste it all back together.  It’s messy, sometimes slightly inaccurate – yet very real. More real to me than the keys under my fingers….

Some situations have come up recently that make me cringe….i want to explain, shout out WHAT I MEANT but who am i talking to? The person I’ve known since grade school?  my crazy neighbor? -yeah, I said it, hi neighbor :) ….one of my writer friends?  a complete and total stranger from cyberspace?  I don’t know, and really don’t often consider the who.  It is addressed to “you”  but…. it’s more to me, for me…

it’s a place to throw thoughts in order to make room, and put things in line in my head.  Honestly, when confronted with something I have written, you may have to take my hand and physically direct me to the page….I probably won’t remember unless prompted.

***case in point, part of my day to day work life involves coming up with several fashion articles a day…one was declined yesterday because it was too similar to one I sent in last year…oops. I had to go back and look, yep, they were most definitely right….still a good article even if I did not recall writing it…



Comments on a blog post I wrote earlier this week (ownership) was another indication I really need to work on this area.
***note, for the record, I was not the least bit upset or offended by any comments made at the wake, funeral, or anytime before or after….was just making an observation in the blog post and hoping everyone would remember to think first-talk later.. as a general rule….

it seems I need to think first-and then edit-edit-edit… 

***note, also for the record, I probably will not work on this area. I will continue to stick my foot in my mouth and make bizarre (you know, in light of reality) statements…sorry in advance.

with all that said…
.thank you for reading along,
I really do appreciate it. 

just remember you are walking into a roomful of fun house mirrors

everything is there, but objects are closer
– farther, uh, different – than they may appear

SO. if you are trying to “read between the lines”  –
consider this fair warning

You are at a disadvantage.

I do not, nor ever will, color between the lines

understand?  k.

(snarkiness sprinkled with…)
love, Sylvie

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11 thoughts on “Miss Understood

  1. Got it! Excellent post about emptying your head into your blog. I do the same and btw…make no apologies for how or what you write it's all good!:)

  2. Sounds right to me Sylvie. I agree with Jo, don't apologize. It is all good. It gets all that jibber jabber out of your head and into perspective. It is a wonderful thing. Great post!! Sometimes you just got to vent and it usually ends up being a masterpiece. Kathyhttp://gigglingtruckerswife.blogspot.com/

  3. I think a blog is only sustainable if it is mostly for us… I mean PART of the for us is making friends and entertaining them, but I could never be… I don't know… useful, day in and day out. I write to process… my brain doesn't work nearly as well without the flow out of the fingers turned on.And you are not alone on the foot-in-mouth thing either… right there with you, sister!

  4. There was nothing wrong with your ownership blog. It made perfect sense to me, but then again I understand your way of writing while emptying and trying to put things in perspective. No apologies needed!Have a great day Sylvie!

  5. Your ownership blog was a great blog and I sincerely apologize if I was the one or among the ones who made you feel uncomfortable. When I read the son's comment, I really felt for him because our most recent death in the family was my Mom who burned to death in a fire at age 80 – just under 3 years ago. Talk about inappropriate comments! Whew….we all seemed to have at least one. So, that is where my mind flew upon reading the blog. I should have redirected my thoughts back to "ownership" before commenting. You did a great job with the topic. Do keep blogging. You will get comments from time to time that make you cringe. Just don't let it bother you. We are all guilty from time to time. Have a happy….

  6. I love your writing. I love the way you think and the way you express yourself. I went back to peek at your ownership blog again and I think (my take, only, of course) is that when we read something, we each connect with little parts that resonate based on whatever we've felt or experienced ourselves in the past. I understood what you were saying. We DO all need to think before we speak, and consider the impact of our words. I've seen and heard so many outlandish things in the aftermath of loss that as I read your blog, my mind went there, to those comments and actions that have had me shaking my head and wondering what a grieving someone was thinking. Sometimes just weird stuff, occasionally awful stuff that once said can never be unsaid. Being sometimes misunderstood is just part of the blogging experience, I guess. Some time back, I wrote a post in support of gay marriage (www.word-nerd-speaks.com/2011/08/love-and-marriage.html) and one of the comments that followed was by someone who said that my view of marriage was traditional, but that times were changing. I thought, "Did you even read the post?" I commented after that he had misunderstood my stance and then even went and posted on his fb wall that though I appreciated him taking the time to read and comment on my blog, I was sure that he had misunderstood my intent. I don't know why it bugged me so much, but it did. I hated the idea of being thought of as anti-same-sex-marriage, because I absolutely support it. It was silly, but it got under my skin a little bit.

  7. Thanks all you crazy writer chicks- Kathy, Jo, Linda, Beth, Hart, Darlene and Brenda! I needed a little picking up and dusting off today. So true Hart, my daily writing speed and ease improves after blogging…and Beth, ugh, I hear you, it shouldn't matter so much- but it does. BTW, mini-blog comments on my blog are totally allowed, word nerd, love it.

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