Tell me about yourself reward

Kathy , Giggling Truckers Wife, sent me the “Tell Me All About Yourself!” blogging award. 

The idea is to tell 7 things about myself 
and then pass the award on to 15 other deserving bloggers.

I’ll keep this short and sweet since I have been spilling details all over the place lately….
….and I am going to attempt to not repeat myself from previous lists.

Let’s go food-themed too,  since instead of breaking for lunch, I am writing this post….
and it is still Tasty Tuesday…..
and I am a little hungry, but would rather sit here under this tree than go into the kitchen…

7 food quirks

1.  Peanut butter throws me into a ‘drug-induced’ coma….i am not allergic to it- technically – but that stuff knocks me out. I wind up falling into an ugly unavoidable sleep-state….when I finally wake up, I am a groggy mess.

2.  I only crave peanut butter on Fridays….when I am not allowed to have it. (peanut allergies at that school)
this reveals a hidden  evil part of me that I am not proud of…..(while I do not purchase any peanut products…
I do seem strangely drawn to them on Fridays )

3. I used to beg people not to give my son peanut butter….it had the opposite affect on him- making him unable to sleep, angry and irritable…but that is not really about me, so

3. part two. I like to throw strong flavors together- there are a few flavors that go with everything..salsa, ginger, garlic.. and I love green shakes, a frozen banana, kale, ginger, spinach …yes, it is green.

4. Peanut butter and chocolate together is gross, in my opinion. Sweet milk chocolate is not on my favorite list and that mushy sweetness is not peanut butter… – but it still knocks me out. 

5. A piece of dark chocolate, a big orange and an even bigger cup of black coffee is my school day diet of choice. (this combo takes my mind far away from any unintentional sadistic thoughts of eating peanut butter)

6. Fruit flavoring- orange, grape, sour apple… – turn my stomach, and don’t get me started on blue flavoring…
…the only nasty, horribly bad for me flavored soft drink I like is Faygo Rock n Rye, Faygo’s red pop is a close second.
I know, I know- cancer in a can….but it’s a once in a… long, long, long.. while thing….oh, probably even worse- i only really like the canned version.

7. I like soup – spicy,  not creamy….never creamy….no beans, no potatoes, maybe meat, probably not… Tomatoes, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, tomatoes, onions, carrots…. (only added to this list because I should at the very least start thinking about feeding the kids tonight…and soup it is)  add bread, a salad and voila! – a healthy meal that I most likely will not burn.  

oh uh, 15 bloggers to tag….I may have to pop back later….
words for lunch -now I have to make deadlines :)

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