After work I am a woman on fire

I ventured a little off the prompts lately because the questions posted would have forced me to either;

1.Outright lie,
2.Recall yet another out-of-place-for-this-blog memory

but, the question, “what do you do between coming home and going to bed” can be answered without lying or dredging up memories, so here goes it.  Most days I work from home, but when I teach, like yesterday, I am a mad cleaning machine when I get home, and here is why….

At 6 am, I normally start getting everyone launched for the day….on days I teach, this is a bit trickier. While my favorite classroom does technically have storage, I do not keep a lot of stuff there – so packing up supplies has to be part of the morning equation.  I did change things up a bit this year so that I do not require a moving van and an hour of load time into the school – exaggeration, yes- but not by much.  

Even with just painting, cartooning and fabric art projects, there is a lot to gather….this tends to leave a trail. Add in the last minute homework crisis, such as the current event that MUST be printed off the computer and the fact that the youngest packs lunches on ‘moms’ school days…the house is generally in disarray by the time we all get out the door.


..coming home… All that stuff I brought to school, had to be repacked and brought home, along with picking up an always muddy football player, the rest of the crew…and all their STUFF and relaxing after work is not an option.

Aside from all that, I also write full-time, so I have to do it double-time on off-teaching days….plus have runners and a football player in the house (which means daily laundry) ….

So…what do I do between coming home and going to bed-

I clean,  
                             like a woman on fire...

                                  (um, no, not that woman)

                                                             i wish… 

anyways, I am okay with this. When I get home, I am ready to tackle it all,  and since this is the first year I am actually as energized after class, as before and during… this works perfectly…

                                            – just don’t stop over after school please…
                                                         please, for your own safety.  


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5 thoughts on “After work I am a woman on fire

  1. This was a great post and I can TOTALLY relate! I am a mom of 6 kids. 5 boys and 1 girl. Laundry with 5 baseball players was tricky, but can be done. Now, I'm only laundering for two baseball players and ballet tights on a daily basis. When I pick my kids up from school and arrive home, there is no such thing as sitting down…I'm just moving into my next phase of mom doings…My day ends between 9 and 10. It's like my Mom says, "They didn't ask to be born!" Lol

  2. Sounds like all my days too. I'm down to only one athlete but I remember the days of two football players, one runner and one field hockey player. It was a struggle just to keep the house smelling clean with all those stinky socks. LOL

  3. Since I think you are on fire and that you rock.. I have given you an award!! Stop on by to pick it up!!Kathy

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