trust me, it’s fine- but slip this helmet on just in case

Love this shot. It was taken about 10 years ago. The girl in the big blue helmet trusted that her big brother’s homemade go-cart contraption was perfectly safe. He looks mighty proud of this death trap, doesn’t he? 
    (but he did care about her safety, afterall, he gave her the helmet…hmmm) 

In the background, their little brother sat in his wagon with the neighbor standing guard.   May I add, we lived on a busy street…. The “race” turned out just fine. A day of fun, building-planning and posing for photos.

Fast-forward- the proud big brother is still proud of his accomplishments, stands just like that…and pushes his little sis to “check if things are safe”  The girl, is still reckless enough to trust him…..and little brother is no longer just hanging in the background. :)  An interesting blend of the two, little bro knows how things work, and isn’t afraid to try anything!

A word about the neighbor….I don’t know what he is up to these days, he’d be nearly 20 now, but when playing at my house, he had the funny habit of not ever really joining in the action. Instead, he liked to hang on the sidelines narrating all the fun, Howard Cosell-style. “and now, sam is going up the ramp- will. he. make. it.- he did. he landed that move….”    I hardly had to watch, could just leave the window open to hear the play by play.

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