Movie Magic

I love walking through downtown Cleveland normally, but am completely fired up when Hollywood descends. Like Spiderman, The Avengers were partially filmed downtown, bringing all their movie making magic to my favorite old buildings. It’s amazing how a few strategically placed signs can transform a place. The explosions, screaming extras and celebrity sightings meant little to me. I soaked up the setting.

Germany? New York City? 
Traveling plans are on hold right now….so the cities came to me. 
How nice.

No matter where you go, there you are.

Honestly, we have the power to do this everyday. The way we choose to present ourselves to the world -how we dress, carry ourselves, but most importantly – what we say to ourselves. Looking back at old photos, I am shocked – beyond shocked – that I was not bigger. Without photo evidence, I would swear I was fat and ugly throughout my teens, in fact, I did declare this to myself  and wound up a mess in California -getting treatment for a problem that would not have been a problem if I could have seen, and recognized, the false front.

This is not an advertisement for affirmations, “I am successful, powerful, handsome and happy.” – to quote Steve Carrell from Evan Almighty. Rather, it’s an opportunity to play with your story. When I taught creative writing classes to elementary kids, I would place one hand flat -“this is the setting, the place, what do you see?” then I’d take two fingers of my other hand and place them on the flat hand -” this is one of the characters” Then I’d make the “character” walk around my hand, “What’s he doing?, what’s his problem? ” that’s the plot.

So, what does your setting look like?  Your characters?  and finally, “Whatcha doing?”

Change, rearrange and “act” your way through.
  Act as if – fake it till you make it, 
cheesy truths for a Tuesday.


trippy huh?

(oh and random apology for my bad sense of direction….I made a wrong turn…oops, thanks set guys for being understanding. – but seriously, you can transform a city, but miss making that turn impossible?  I get it, you are artists. it’s all good.)

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