Okay, I am muddling through these NaBloPoMo prompts the best I can. Today’s question stumped me again; they ask, “what happened between jr. high and high school?”  ~shrug~ That is a good question, as in, I do not really know.

But let’s see, as a reference, my sisters were 7 and ‘just turned’ 2 when I left jr. high. My youngest sister wouldn’t be born for almost 9 more years….

These were a few of my friends..Kathy, Chris, Jacki and Carrie in front of the jr. high- recess I suppose.  I still talk to Carrie, the tall girl in overalls, frequently. She moved away and didn’t join us in high school…but thankfully that didn’t end our friendship. After graduating, we continued to stay in touch, our kids were friends, she watched mine while I played soccer, I watched hers while she went back to college…

  Back to the ‘between’ years…many summers were spent in the field between our two houses. The big open space was perfect for just imagining…um, I have no idea what, but it was fun. We built impromptu forts and just hung out until her mom got home from work. (She had a lot more responsibilities than I did.)

( Kathy, I completely lost touch with…Chris and I were never close – and then I majorly flubbed up and sealed that door shut….and Jacki lives nearby, but I don’t see her much. )

…..and, I went to camp. I always went to camp. 4H camp at Kelleys Island in Lake Erie was the best.
I don’t recall who my buddy is here, or what’s up with the hats, but I am the girl in the Micky Mouse shirt. :)

-okay, that wasn’t so bad….but really, the topic for this month, “between” month, should be called “memories” …


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