Hookah, Balderdash and Migraine, oh my

“Get this, I heard of this new thing,   a hookah…” said a friend at a dinner party last night.
she then proceeded to explain how she came about learning of it, (had to ship one to someone who had moved)   I missed the story completely due to tears and convulsions that wouldn’t stop. 
She lost me at ‘new.’ 
The party itself was a trip. We ate and played board games…..I love games- like basketball and soccer, and football…even mini versions like HORSE, Foosball, or flag football even paper football… sitting around a table playing games is tough for this highly distracted chic. 
But we played Apples to Apples which actually was a lot of silly fun. 
my new hated game of all times….Balderdash. 
I was a terrible participant. Absolutely awful. 
I have already sent my apologizes to the host and a couple friends.
In answer to the questions, my answers were thinly veiled shots at the creators of the game. Luckily others were equally unimpressed with the brain power needed for the game and we only played a mini-version.

…..then I was hit with a headache of epic proportions. Maybe it was the food, delicious, but heavy,  the heat – the house was 80 some degrees, or just the laughter….but I had to go.

This interesting group is a cross-section of personalities, income levels, beliefs and backgrounds. I could write and write about the dynamics, but won’t, that would not be fair….here.  Suffice it to say, I am amongst characters – regularly scheduled, once a month-  and it is refreshing. 
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2 thoughts on “Hookah, Balderdash and Migraine, oh my

  1. *giggles* I have never played Apples to Apples, but my kids love it (both have played at friends' houses). Balderdash though, is a hoot–or I like it. My problem is I'm too good at linguistics–I write a definition for a word i've never seen and everybody picks it… but it is almost the same as the real definition… Still, I like it. It's funny seeing you react with hostility, though… erm…

  2. Hart, it does seem like a game I would like..words – definitions….I was just tired of the whole "let's play board games" and wanted it to be over. – for the record, my hostile definitions still, technically, fit. :)

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