Shout out to Zooey

In my daughter’s class the other day, one of the guys started complaining about Yahoo!, he could never find anything important on the front page, only stupid crap about Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber (which only goes to show how far behind he is, those two are not even trending) My daughter took offense to his rant and wound up shouting out, “Hey, my mom writes that crap. That’s what puts food on the table….” and other things I am sure.

Truth is, I do not write a lot of celebrity news, unless it has to do with fashion, but I totally appreciated the sentiment. – yep, even ‘my mom writes that crap’ Now that really was a nice segue.

I have never been one to have celebrity crushes, although there are few actors and actresses I love to watch- but as far as I am concerned their lives can stay on the screen. Trying to reach the already too high bar of perfection is tough enough in the real world, than to have to consider rubbing shoulders with someone like that.

I do follow trends and keep an eye on what is “in” and what is “out” to create the fluff that pays the bills. Generally this does not translate to my life, I wear a pretty basic wardrobe and do what I can not to look weird- most of the time.

but….then came Zooey Deschanel and I realized that, in fact, I was following a trend that didn’t suit me for too long. Zooey popped in and gave me “permission” to leave my hair alone.

Good bye straightener, hello mousse, I have missed you.

My hair is naturally a little, um big, and I have had bangs for ever…I tried to get rid of them once not that long ago and despised how it looked and felt – it felt like I was exposed….no more. I had even considered going blond- the horror.

Thanks Zooey for making bangs, brunettes and big hair okay again.

dorky chics unite!

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