Memories are tricky

Nablopomo asks, “What is your first memory?” and I answer, memories are tricky.

It used to concern me that I couldn’t recall my childhood precisely, that I have bits and pieces of possible memories, usually prompted by photographs….

…but then, I do not recall situations of any kind in a linear fashion. My mind contorts reality, swirling situations, mixing in feelings and impressions, possible story lines and imagined back stories of people I meet.

So, when trying to recall my first memory I think of sliding down the bump in my granny’s wooden hallway with my floppy socks….exploring the corn fields with my raggedy ann …..making up songs under the kitchen table…. all the while imagining something or other.

Now that I have fallen into my creative career, i use pieces of the past that may or may not have really been there, spinning something new out memories that only flit and flirt through my mind….and don’t worry about precision recollection.

This doesn’t mean I do not pay attention, I often am intensely aware – but miss details while playing around with the big picture. – or, as the saying sort of goes – look too closely at a tree and miss the forest…..but never miss the emotions, or leave without taking something from the experience.

-so if we happen to be in the same place sometime, forgive me in advance for not remembering the event the way it really happened, mmkay. thanks.

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