Room 209

one of my favorite places
in the whole world
~before the madness~
      my class room, before 1st period…
more chairs are added for 3rd, 4th and 5th
    note: 2nd period the room is used for Mandarin Chinese- if you were wondering what was on the board.

It may seem like nothing special,
it is not the prettiest classroom in the world I guess,
but the tile floor, real tables (not desks) two huge chalkboards, a desk for me,


    plus, a wall of storage closets, 
which turns the whole space into a slice of heaven.

                                                                        Action shot
Not the best picture, but this is part of my small class working on a nifty sewing project. They designed patterns, chose fabric from upholstery sample books (donated by my mom, thank you mom) and are figuring out how to thread needles, stitch, embroider and stuff unique little stuffed critters. So far there are monkeys, teddy bears, a few cats and dolls. Unusual art project, but surprisingly relaxing according to my students. 

before this, we created amazing woven baskets and rugs for the preschool class…..forgot to upload pics will backtrack and get those up.  I have not taken a single picture during the painting or cartooning classes though- busy, crazy busy trying to maintain order while unleashing the creativity of hordes of elementary and jr, high maniacs!

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