Get out of jail free card

I planned on following the daily prompts for the October NaBloPoMo,  
                                                                    .. but was a little unprepared for today’s

it has to do with what i think happens after a person dies. hmmm, please just refer to the bible on this one.

As the only player in my private little ‘life-monopoly’ game, i am giving myself a Get Out of Jail Free card for this move. There are too many people in my life who have left this earth too early for me to give any sort of answer.

I like thinking of death as a SURPRISE PARTY you didn’t know about. Whoa, what do you mean I am dead?, I don’t feel dead……
now what?

In a way, it’s like one of my jobs. I ghostwrite for a travel site. (pretty sure I can at least say that…) anyways this involves doing little blurbs for different states, countries and vacation destinations…..from my tiny little house in the ‘burbs.

I can research, fill in the templates and add a ton of enthusiasm, but do not really know what it is like there, at least not first hand. Same with this prompt, I can research, follow the plan, enthusiastically imagine….but do not know.

and I am okay with that.
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