Last year

GBE2 prompt is one year ago….for the record, I do not want to write about the past—at all.

but, hmmm, last September….um….2010, okay… Sadly, my first thought is “who died that month”  morbid, yes…but too true.

 It seems I have completely worn out my funeral dress.

 While no one close to me passed away that month, the holes certain people have left are starting to create a real minefield of memories. Looking back a year ago, I see a friend who was struggling with a “not-fatal” disease, she was sick, but getting better…we talked, hung out, we saw each other at events…
fast forward a year and she’s gone.

 I don’t want to look back anymore. I don’t want to trip over a painful explosive, or fall into a hole of depression. Shell-shocked into a pervasive antisocial mode is not where I want to stay.

Looking forward is all I’ve got the energy for right now.  


Yikes, that was a bit heavy for a Monday morning….um, let me give it another stab. September always seems more like a New Year than the winter holiday. I am forever on school calendar and love it that way. 

Last year,

  • I was setting up for my first round of new sculpture classes, excited about the new classrooms and my very own storage area! (well, not really my own, but it was better than lugging everything back and forth from home)

  • writing assignments were picking up to where I could actually say I was making a living stringing together sentences. 

  • paid off a major debt….making the above (living from writing) much more possible.  


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7 thoughts on “Last year

  1. Reading the first part of your blog reminded me of a friend who lost her mother, her husband, her sister and her brother over a period of about 18 months. She told me she allowed herself a good bit of time to feel sorry for herself, then she got up and went on with her life. She's a strong lady. Obviously you are, too.

  2. Great post. You exhibited how life throws us the good and the bad, and we have to somehow cope with both.Kathy

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