Goodbye Monday

….Monday did not shape up to be the productive powerhouse I needed it to be. I got derailed by a bit of an emotional funk that wasn’t cured by the usual bike ride. My pretty pink bike usually makes me happy…not today. Music is my second weapon, nothing. Then there is the all powerful written list, complete with doodles.

Well, I slipped out for a bike ride, I wrote the LIST, I turned on the girl power music and …
                                       ……gave it all                                                                                                 
                                                         …….   a sad half-hearted effort.

so, Good Bye Monday.

(technically it is not gone, as it is only 7 pm, 
but I can pretend the elephant in the room is simply an unfortunate decorating problem) 

on to Tuesday..

To do list:
  • Finish all of Mondays tasks 
  • Run my butt off, literally
  • Clean
  • Teach 
  • Write Tuesdays scheduled assignments
  • Submit the stupid proposal already
….try not to step on Wednesday’s toes

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