Got your number, buddy

The fan-tab-u-lous GBE2 group theme for the week is children or parent  (we have a choice)
I was a child, I am a parent and, so, I have children….but what I am going to talk about has very little to do with any of those three roles. – Why? because I can not afford to tear up today, I already ‘put my face on’ and do not want to deal with mascara lines…again. Yes, I am an emotional writer,
(and just as an emotional reader…all these sappy-lovey dovey posts are killing me this week, people!)

So I will write about my other 87 kids:

September brings another school year and a new roster of students. There are several names that are new to me, some I expected would come back, but others were a HUGE surprise that they chose to come back to my classroom.


You see, my classes are optional. There are basic art classes that cover the, um basics – led by teachers that are not quite as eccentric who actually provide clear cut steps for proceeding. They have examples to follow and everything. It is really neat and structured and seemingly a much better fit for this group. 

I, on the other hand,  do not work like that. It really bothers some…or so I thought. The kids I suspected would never want to take another class with me, signed up for another full year.

What?  Why?  Are they trying to torture me?  torture themselves?

After presenting a project, I leave the door open for interpretation, I want them to use their brains to figure out “the what”, I am there to help with “the how.” Many jump at the chance and get right to putting their wacky ideas in play, but there are always those who squirm in their seats. Some children, mostly the teens, will not proceed until they are told what to do. Pulling creativity out of some of them (this puzzling group especially) was flat out exhausting. 

These are the ones that are coming back. ????

First period nonetheless.  huh?

I could not contain my curiosity and called one of the parents, What is up with this?  Well, turns out, the one boy actually did enjoy my class, his self-proclaimed “stupid papier mache bird” sits on his dashboard, and, oh yeah,  it was his idea to sign up.

You know, I get it. While I might tear up at the slightest amount of emotional prodding, I don’t always express myself well in person. I’ve taken classes where I did not say a word, wrinkled my nose at projects and may have made a general negative impression….and yet- deep down, got a lot out of it.

School officially starts next week.
I get to meet 
all the new (unsuspecting) children 
and greet my the returning students…
with a gleam in my eye –
yeah, ya’ll don’t fool me. ;)


Okay, sure, the upcoming year of rolling eyes and deep sighs is something I am still working out in my mind….while I plan their first project.


 I’ll be waiting…..

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