Flashback Friday – Stop the bus

 In honor of flashback Friday, I was flipping back through some old posts. Surprisingly this blog has been around in one form or the other since 2006. That is an awful lot of random ramblings from a girl who isn’t much of a talker.  Anyways, glancing at some of the posts make me cringe- I want to hit delete and completely erase certain choices……tell that silly girl to open her eyes…. oh well.

I stopped the bus on this post because it is still (mostly) so true – and I want to torture others. Plus, a friend randomly pulled up a different “things about me” note I had written a few years ago on facebook. I completely forgot about that facebook notes thing. weird. 

stop the bus
just a weird photo of “Spartans stopping a bus”  no real significance.

….in case you caught that little phrase up above “I want to torture others”….I meant it, if you innocently click on this blog post to waste a little time….you are IT, meaning, you now need to scribble down ten facts about yourself. Uh huh, yep, I mean you. Thanks for playing.

Old post follows…I copied and pasted for your convenience- you know, since you will be working on your own list and all. 
May 16, 2007

Valerie, i.e. art addict, tagged me to share 10 interesting and relatively unknown facts about me/ opinions of mine/ habits etc…

1….can’t sing a lick…but use that sing song voice and make up crazy songs when I’m really tired…it’s like my own personal alarm for ‘Sylvie needs a nap’

2…listen to NPR or the BBC for my news…and love independent college radio stations, not just for the off the beaten track music, but for the off the beaten track DJ’s, their views, and sometimes rough presentations….um’s, ah’s, just a sec’s…

3…fancy, expensive, rich…does nothing for me. I’m not impressed by big bank accounts, jewelry shop jewelry, fancy cars, big houses, designer clothes or purses, *shrug*, I like simple, unique, handmade, interesting, things with a story….

4…I love soccer…sports in general, but hate being called a soccer mom, won’t wear a “I love soccer” t-shirt, or any of the stuff the incessant marketing machine generates, don’t drive a mini van.…I play the game, love the cleats, the team, the competition, I watch, ( won’t coach or ref though, many of my teammates do, but I don’t like being “in charge”)  

5… I’m not one to go all googly over a kitten or puppy, never feel the urge to run up to a new mom and grab her infant child, don’t speak baby talk…..not that I don’t like these creatures, I’d rather observe than entertain, I suppose.

6… Have the annoying habit of personifying everything, or coming up with a metaphor or weird simile’s, connect dots that don’t exist, think in spirals, circles, curly-q’s…helps in my creative writing classes…social situations…not so much. ;)

7… Avoid shopping ( as my cupboards and children can attest) ….but, love exploring new places, outdoor markets, stuff like that…

8… My dream home is either a floor of an old factory downtown, or an old church/school that I can remodel and open most to the public….living and work space together…..currently I live/work in a bag of wonder bread in the suburbs, not awful, not complaining, it is easier to maintain.

9… I have never balanced a checkbook, have no math sense whatsoever…yet love numbers and old clocks, attach my own significance to numbers, dates, times….won’t explain, you’re welcome.

10… I keep a magic 8 ball on my desk…sometimes will even ask it a question or two…..maybe I need more friends…unfortunately I don’t think this list will help in my quest.

“to know what you prefer instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer is to have kept your soul alive” ~Robert Louis Stevenson

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