Longing and the Wizard of Oz

Longing reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. 
“If I only had a brain, a heart, courage…”
I have longed for these things in various forms over the years…longed for love, longed for acceptance, longed to understand, longed for wisdom and the courage to pursue my dreams…..funny thing, there is no man behind the curtain waiting to hand these to me…
Longing should lead to action. Take that yellow brick road, grab a few friends, get an Emerald City makeover, throw a bucket of water on your fears, 
………………………….*run from the flying monkeys* (those things are ridiculously scary) …
but then, even as I write this, I sometimes long for days gone by, 
the little boy that was, is getting ready to move on to his new life,
close friends have died, leaving a huge void…ugh, longing can be painful and empty
and it really takes on a new meaning when the sands of time get involved…
like an etch a sketch 
shake, shake, shake...
draw something new ….move forward…
Brought to you by the blogging world of the GBE2 who proposed the word, Longing, as the prompt for the week. So many good posts on this, there was a a short little tearjerker, memories and resolutions…..

(love and a box of tissues for you all) 

6 thoughts on “Longing and the Wizard of Oz

  1. This was so sweet. And wise. I've had those moments–not for a long time now, but I've had them. Longing for my babies to be babies again, longing for just a taste of yesterday's blessings. Every now and then, a little twinge returns, but not often and not as intensely as in years past.

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