Flashback Friday – My Good Day

 Flashback Friday…this is the day bloggers link to an old post,
and then share it on Chasing Joy’s facebook page.
For my little entry, I dug up “My Good Day” a post that gushes on and on about my job.
Yep, my job. I really, truly love my work,
(although in the midst of the stressful logistics of cramming all the 
must-do’s in with the want-to’s and have-to’s, I sometimes forget)
I’m also reminded in this post of all the rapid fire changes that have happened in the past few years. Back in the fall of 2008 my son spent a month in the hospital…well, 3 hospitals in all.
Until he finally came home, it was very scary.
Now, he is the epitome of health, 
captain and starter both offense and defense – on his football team and is 
just a great kid.  
This was also the first official year of my Creativity Explosion!!! classes….
In a week or so, the 2011 school year begins for me 
5 new classes, full to capacity 
pure joy!

                                                                       My Good Day

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