Trust that it will end with a Happily Ever After

……seems a bit ironic that TRUST is the topic when I am jumping back into the GBE2 group after a long absence.  But it really just amplifies my point. What point is that? you ask.  Oh, yeah, sometimes I forget all these voices in my head are not audible.

Trust is a tricky thing.

Trusting someone else does not always play out the way you think.

Trusting yourself is just as problematic at times.  ( people can be fickle as cats…)

Trusting that you will find the place everyone says, “Oh, you can’t miss it”  is faulty. Yes, yes you can miss it.

But I have to say,
I love that place of trusting everything will be okay. 
Trusting that in the whole big scheme of things there is Someone in control 
and somehow everything all weaves together just right in the end. 
like a wild adventure/mystery/romance/sci-fi/thriller with a Happily Ever After ending.
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8 thoughts on “Trust that it will end with a Happily Ever After

  1. Happily Ever After…eventually! Love it and I agree "someone is in charge" and it will all be okay, if you let it. Welcome back.

  2. I keep trying to remind myself to live in the now, and not question stuff because sometimes the whole scheme is just bigger than me. It's hard to let go of the controls and let someone else take charge, but that's part of the trust factor, isn't it?

  3. Well–in the final stretch–I do think everything works out for the best–I mean I have to trust that it is true :) Great post, Jenn

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