This is my decision making style. 
“Leave the light on for me.”
I may, or may not stop by.
(Not “green” in any sense of the word, I guess)
Leave a few doors open, carry a few extras just in case I change course mid-trip. 
This works for me. 
For example, unable to make a decision about my youngest daughters schooling, I went ahead and signed her up at two schools. Filled out all the documents, started preparing for both in a way. Like most decisions both choices had pros and cons. Unfortunately, the scales weighed out fairly even. It could go either way.

We discussed the options. I put a positive spin on the negatives.

 I have an incredible knack for spinning
Reality is the issue. She is my daughter. I know her quirks. I know that the one school will not work. Regardless of how “right” it is. How important it is to my “career” I cannot in good conscience send her off to the school that makes her anxiety attacks flare up. …..
although it was a little late for that. With only a week left until D-Day, she has been bolting up in the middle of the night, wracked by fear…waking me up again, and again…and again) 
This is not worth it.
Decision made itself. 

I sort of wish I would have made the decision earlier. Chosen a single path and walked it out. But then again, I wouldn’t have known for sure if it was right. I would have second-guessed myself. I needed the clarity that can only come through pressure.

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