Coffee Love

How do you like your coffee?
 I had my first cup of coffee at my uncle’s house in Michigan. 
I was 16. It was Folger’s instant and it was perfect.
Putting anything but coffee, in coffee, seemed sacrilegious from day one. 
Nablopomo asks, “How do you like your coffee?”
Black, strong and constant, that’s how I like my coffee. 
It’s more than just drinking it though. It’s the process of grinding the beans to help wake me up in the morning, then making sure my limbs all work while I pour the water….
When I am stuck on a word….I get up and pour a mug of coffee….
while trying to jump-start my brain, I often misplace said cup of coffee.
So while I go through several cups a day, I don’t actually drink as much as I pour. 
(or, at least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)
coffee, Coffee, COFFEEEEE!!!!!

(cartoon by toothpaste for dinner)

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