Let’s do lunch….if you’re game

 Who would you love to go to lunch with?  (question of the day)
…lunch, hmmm…..

My recent schedule, up-run-work/write-swim team-work/write-football camp-work/marketing-swim meet-set up next days work-work/painting….leaves little time for “lunch.” In fact, it leaves little time for much other than essentials, like laundry, feeding the chicklets, making sure the gardens aren’t going to take over the house….

To the person who says to me, condescendingly, just block out your work hours and don’t let anything disturb you…

I say,
                   nothing  ~chirp, chirp~

It’s not worth it. 

I love my work, I love the flexibility and yes, I even love the busy chaos. This is WHY I do what I do, so that I CAN go to swim meets and watch my son play with the big boys at football camp. I am free to do this most days, (one day a week is full of teaching from morning to night) but the rest of the week is MINE.

So what if I write at 6am, 8am or 7pm,  paint at 2 pm….and sometimes 2 am….market throughout the day and scribble ideas all the day long. This is what I love. It’s “work” because it pays the bills, but I’ll let you in on a little secret….it’s fun. :)

If I did take a lunch, it would not be a restaurant lunch.  I’d much rather walk and talk, or sit outside, see something new, amble through a new town, people watch…we could eat something along the way, grab a coffee or ice cream cone, whatever suits our fancy.

So the person I’d love to have lunch with would be someone willing to “have lunch” without “doing lunch”

  How about here?

lunch in Paris?

I don’t even care if it raining..if we can walk down a street like this…

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