failure is inevitable, so what

Every morning I sit down with a notebook and scribble down all my thoughts. It’s not really a journal, or a diary….it’s just random thoughts corralled on a page, or two or three – without any white space left to speak of.

Often, the focus is on my NEXT BIG IDEA, it could be an idea for an article, or a art project….it might be something I just want to try, or a place I heard about and want to visit.  Today, I wrote out all my BIG IDEAS, and found my mood slipping.  Usually, these fire me up, especially on a Monday. But today.


I even had the nasty negative bug in my ear whispering, “You’ll never be able to do that.”  “You know you aren’t smart enough, focused enough, liked enough” to make it work.  “It’s been done before”  “Who do you think you are anyways?”


This is not the way to start a new day/new week.

So I gave up.

Took a walk. (considered running, but what’s the use-who do I think I am…a runner? ha)

Anyways, while walking I categorized all my failures, (it was a long walk), and realized, who cares. So, I failed.  So What!

I like new adventures. I CRAVE new projects, projects too big and ambitious for little me. If I happen to squeeze in a little success here and there, then cool. But that’s not what I’m really after. Sounds cliche, but it really is the process, not the end result.

…and by the way, I like running, even if I am not a runner.


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