Sad fishy

Doing a little combo post….stupid swollen neck/tonsillitis/enormous lymph node/crazy earache/deadlines/swim team duties/football camp…it all runs together. Three swim related questions to answer to catch up, (even though I couldn’t put my head in the water all weekend… at the beach, on the boat, at the pool – denied.)
well, here are the questions, Are you scared of being in open water?  Nope, not at all….see sea turtle snorkeling incident mention in the previous post. I am very much fine and dandy in the water.

 What kind of fish are you most like?     hmmm,  a sad fish, duped by a fake worm that’s what.

  (sorry, just a bit aggravated with my painfully stupid infection )

I’ll try again, what kind of fish would I be, if I were a fish (for the record, this is a stupid question)  but, I’ll play along, I am a pisces afterall. 
                                                         how about this little pink cutie…

It’s not really a fish though. Although it is called a Mexican Walking Fish, it’s really a salamander type creature. Which really is appropriate. I like pink, I’m weird and hard to classify at times…and my hair often does odd things, especially when wet.  But today, this week…..until my neck goes back to normal size, this is the fish I am most like….a puffer fish :(


Finally, to catch up with the prompts,
“Do you consider yourself a strong swimmer?”  

                                                      I wonder if wallaby’s can swim?

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