Strangest thing

NaBloPoMo asks, “What is the strangest thing you have ever seen in the water.”

Didn’t even have to think…by far the strangest thing I ever saw was a man with a harpoon.

Now, that isn’t so strange, right?


Everything is relative. It was strange because of WHERE I was…in Maui, snorkeling, along with about twenty other tourists. This was not the open water, I was not encroaching on some secret fishing area, no, this was part of the “planned activity” for the group I was traveling with.

Happily snorkling along until I turn to see a harpoon. Until that moment, I probably couldn’t be sure that I knew exactly what one looked like, but once I saw it…I knew.

Yep, that was a harpoon.

this is what he looked like, all protected and packing heat…

this is what I looked like, bikini clad and completely unaware of any creature large enough to justify a harpoon…

needless to say, my snorkeling adventure was cut short that day.

……..I may sound all safe and aware, but actually, the next day in an attempt to see a giant sea turtle up close and personal, I went a bit too far….all’s well obviously, but I gave my guides a bit of a headache that day.

I did meet a sea turtle though. I think he wanted to meet me too.