The Money Tree, really, not kidding

Yes, that is a money tree. 
The blogging powers that be, threw this picture prompt at us this week
Instead of lamenting the fact that money doesn’t grow on trees, I am going to announce my latest ‘money tree’ idea….that strangely enough runs directly into The Money Tree. 
Yes, the money tree is capitalized because there is such a thing, almost… well, it’s a TV show concept of my new mentor, Tara Reed, so it is the very real dream of a very real and successful chic.
In looking at tackling my art again…..and doing it smarter, I was led to art licensing.
(That is the process of selling art to manufacturers, rather than just individuals.)  
At the painfully awkward wedding this past weekend, a friend/acquaintance/er,stranger with connections…encouraged me to look into it. She’s been successfully marketing art for several years this way and could not believe I never followed up. Well, um, it didn’t seem doable at the time. 
Now, it is simply time. 
I have the ideas, the sketches, a new domain name and a plan.
But enough about me, The Money Tree is a fantastic idea!
Tara Reed along with Bruce Feagle and Marty M. Fahncke are preparing this idea for a reality TV show. 
For the record, I am not a fan of reality TV, but the concept is really cool. 

“Each week The Money Tree team helps someone who desperately needs to find a way to earn income from home:  the soldier who has returned from the Middle East with injuries and needs to supplement disability income or the single mother of five who hasn’t gotten a raise in 2 years and is at risk of losing her home.  Each submission video is more compelling than the next:  stories of regular people trying to overcome challenges and make ends meet.”   The team jets in and offers multiple ways to make money online. Cool.

They are looking for people to submit their stories here and experts to help with the show here.


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  1. Super idea. There are *some* reality shows that I do like, and this sounds like one I would enjoy. Very cool. Also, I'm glad you are pursuing your art, keep us posted on that!

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