The Best Nest

Remember this book?  Anyone?  I will explain at the end of this little story.

I have an out of town wedding to attend tomorrow. It’s going to be over the top and slightly uncomfortable….but I won’t get into any of that. All I have to do is get myself there – dressed appropriately – and smiling pretty. Okay, got the smile handled, ( I smile, or *gasp* giggle, when nervous anyways ) and can drive just fine, (especially now that gas is down to a mere $3.27 a gallon- said sarcastically) 

It was the dress that stumped me. I love dresses and have a closet full to prove it, but none seemed right, the LBD (little black dress ) wasn’t special enough, and so I happily went on the hunt for the “perfect dress”

Looked at all my favorite stores….tried on some nice designs….sigh, they just weren’t right. So I figured I’d look at what I have in my closet ( yes, I am still doing the 333 project – but my dresses had to stay hung in my closet – it is my only storage area, the rest of my clothes are boxed up and off limits)

Okay, I will wear the red dress. It’s basically plain, except for being red, giving it that extra-special  flash. All I needed was shoes. (black looked too harsh, white too much like Minnie Mouse and…well, if I wasn’t buying a new dress, I could certainly treat myself to new shoes darn it all)  -again, this was all factored in to the 333 project, I made an exception for the weddings.

I love dressy shoes almost as I love dresses. Tried on everything from a gorgeous leopard print peep toe pump to a sassy strappy white and black number that I couldn’t explain if I tried. Looked at the red heels, tried on multiple colored shoes, just in case they would work ( or just because I wanted to try them on…)

What did I come home with? A fairly boring pair of nude pumps, peep toe pumps, but oh so plain. They were the practical choice, and in the store I started wondering if I really wanted to wear red….so the shoe had to go with navy blue, another favorite dress without a good pair of dressy shoes.

There was a problem, both those dresses were sleeveless, one a halter top style, the other spaghetti straps, not going to work for the church wedding. So I looked for a cover up of some kind. Won’t go into all my fails in that department, but I did end up with a nice taupe jacket-like thing. I look terrible in tan, but this had a metallic look to it, so it works…..

…no it doesn’t, I tried it on with the dresses and ugh..hated the look. It was so off, the color, the shape…but before I returned it, I tried on my black dress, my go-to LBD that I was trying to avoid. Huh, that looks good with the jacket, great with the shoes….wait a minute, I have the perfect thing…yes!  Took off the jacket, pulled out a lime green ruffled extra long summer scarf….perfection. The nude shoes look fine, but my own strappy sandals would have done the trick too. So I am wearing the LBD that was hanging in my closet, the lime green ruffly scarf to  the reception, will wear the jacket and the new shoes to the church.
Could have just stayed home though and been fine. 

           Click your heels and repeat after me, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.

I promised I’d explain the picture book connection, for those who have never read The Best Nest, or have forgotten the “moral of the story” here it is, The Best Nest, is basically the story of a dissatisfied bird, Mrs. Bird. She is unhappy with her nest and wishes for another, better one. Mr. Bird searches for a new nest, a better nest, only to discover in the end, that her nest is actually best. Couldn’t help think how Mrs Bird like I was this week… learned my lesson ( and got a practical pair of shoes :)

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