That’s not my name

Time to put the secrets away.  When I started this blog, I was in an entirely different place. It has gone through several changes as I got my creative sea legs…went from a wanna be artist/writer/teacher, to a muralist, gallery artist, creative writing instructor, an art teacher, sculptor’s apprentice, an assistant to an art dealer…….then jumped to online freelance writing… the journey and my work. 
I have been a virtual creative explosion.  
 So I am renaming the blog, Creativity Explosion, which is also the name of a series of crazy, messy, fun art classes I teach throughout the school year.
I will still blog as usual, be a happy little sheep following prompts and blog challenges along the way, but it no longer feels like I am sharing secrets. So, Secrets about Secrets has been retired. Instead, like the new name implies, I am ready to explode back on the art scene, much more prepared, hopefully wiser and less wide-eyed. – in other words, I’ve seen the dark side of the art world and don’t want to go back there again.
So, welcome to my Creativity Explosion!!!  ( I try not to abuse exclamation marks, but since I do not have any Acme dynamite lying around, three in a row will have to suffice)

 The Ting Ting’s song, “That’s not my name” is a favorite of mine ( for a secret reason, ha…guess some secrets still linger)  and it is an appropriate way to turn the page. Enjoy!
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