Fan the flames of creativity

Nablopomo asks, “What is the best way to fan the flames of creativity?”

In an attempt to describe my multiple careers, I often say that I am a “creative professional”, unsure if this fully describes my roles as a freelance writer, artist, creative writing instructor, sculpting teacher, art teacher….those are all different- but since all require activating my creativity on a daily basis, it seems to fit. Keeping my imagination fired up is important to my success and income.

Julia Cameron‘s books, The Artist Way, Vein of Gold and so on…..taught me how. She is responsible for providing me with my daily/weekly/monthly plan for fanning the flames of creativity.

Her outline includes;
1. Daily journaling- 3 pages, written longhand, first thing in the morning
2. Daily walks ( I think she suggested weekly, probably in an attempt to be kind, I have to walk out my thoughts daily)
3. Artist dates: Once a week, go somewhere interesting- alone. Antique shops are good, botanical gardens, art show…this is great for fresh inspiration. ( I often cheat a bit and bring my girls, but they need it too, and since I work so much, this time out is necessary )

None of these are to be approached with any sort of “high art” mentality, more like “hey, hi how are you”  Clear space in your brain by journaling, then fill it with something new through the walks and dates and finally- I added clearing my physical space

4. Cleaning-  Once a week, (or whenever I am hopelessly stuck) deep cleaning the house and studio is a great way to turn on the creative fire, partly because while I am cleaning, I suddenly start coming up with dozens of ideas and want to stop to pursue the new rabbit trail…. Finishing up though, makes the week go much smoother.

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