Bring on the angry mob…..

NaBloPoMo asks, “What food are you really not a fan of?”  Well, those of you who have been reading along will know of my war with jello. I am not a fan of jello. Jello hates me.  I am okay with this, since as several people have pointed out, jello is a fake food. So I can easily lump it in with other fake foods that I am not a fan of…..including, but limited to, diet foods, weirdly shaped pieces of meat, sausage, bakery that falsely claims to be baked by little elves in a hollow tree, and brightly colored food-especially anything blue that shouldn’t be. If my mom is reading this, I know. I know I used to eat Boo Berry cereal. I am over it.

I am also not a fan of a food that is passionately loved by many. I am almost afraid to admit how much I do not like this food, the idea of this food, and the smell of this food. 
(I use the term “food” loosely,  I can easily lump into the fake food category)
Some people may not like me anymore after this admission, but…

 “Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity.” ~Colin Powell

Okay, here goes….I am not a fan of bacon.

people are clearly obsessed with this strange food, a quick search brings up some disturbing merchandise

it goes on…bacon flavored toothpaste, bacon flavored lip balm, bacon underwear….and on and on.
I am ready for the angry mob

bring it bacon lovers
me and my unclogged arteries can take you

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  1. I would never hate you for this. As a bacon lover, my first thought upon reading this was, "She's never had it cooked the RIGHT way!" He He

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