within city limits

  Probably shouldn’t have blogged yesterday. Strange things happen when I stream-of-conscious while under the influence of too many waking hours in a row….even with a nap thrown in for good measure. Anyways, today’s NaBloPoMo question won’t cause any mini-rants.

They ask, “Which band have you traveled the farthest or paid the most to see play live?”  Well, this is going to be easy-peasy. While a few of my friends live and breathe for concerts, traveling to out of town venues which involve airplane travel, hotel stays and many hours in front of their favorite bands – I don’t.

The furthest I’ve driven is an hour-to see a local band that I usually walk up the street to see play.  I did “sleep” outside on the sidewalk (that I walked to) overnight with a friend to get tickets to Huey Lewis when I was in high school….could have cared less about the actual concert- in fact, we got tickets, but I didn’t even end up going.

I can count on one hand the “famous” bands I have seen – um, Petra with a church youth group – didn’t pay much attention, the outdoor venue created lots of distractions… and Janet Jackson because I won tickets….that’s it, only needed two fingers.

I love music, dancing and crowds – just not so good with the planning ahead and purchasing tickets.  I like walking to see awesome bands full of unknowns doing what they love….and can listen to my favorite artists at home- as loud as I want. :) For fun, I added a clip of one of my favorite local bands….

Skinny Moo – funky fun dance party every time! 

 Love these guys. They play all around my area, indoor, outdoor, hired to play at a friends mock 40th b-day party (he was turning 39)  and benefits…..ordered T-shirts from the drummer, and had a website designed by the lead singer…. great group of guys.