Loyal through the Muck

I like reading stuff I don’t like- from authors who have previously enchanted me. I say this in response to the blog prompt of the day, “Have you ever drastically changed your opinion of an author as you read their book?  Lost your fan status?”

No, not at all.  If anything, discovering something unusually unappealing from a writer I look up to, is comforting. They are human, and sometimes write stupid too. So the only major difference between us, is that they have a publisher who loves them, and I don’t. Well, and they can call themselves a writer without stumbling and over-explaining….plus the whole name recognition, book tours, royalties…semantics.

Anyways, I like knowing that they can be delusional too.

Same with poets, designers, artists, maybe especially with artists, I love seeing the crappy work, mixed in with their amazing pieces. I love that they can’t see how bad it is….because I’ve made stuff, loved the process, loved the piece…and then looked back and thought…what was I smoking, that’s awful….

I am not going to call out my favorite author, like I said, they rank even higher when they slip up. And I am not going to pick on any particular artist…we are a fragile flock. Don’t dare touch a poet, they may disintegrate in front of your very eyes, you know, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. 

But I will draw attention to a particular clothing company, Forever 21 -because they are being unreasonably stupid and deserve negative attention.  The truth is they produce, um, some really, really awful pieces…mixed in with the occasional cool find. That is just the facts. The good thing is, most of the crappy stuff is also thrift store cheap, so you really are getting what you pay for. The problem is they are being nasty to style blogger Rachel Kane, threatening to sue her and shut her down. She writes WTF Forever 21 where she calls out some of Forever 21’s most outrageous items….(but in contrast, she also features some of the decent clothing on  “Wonderful Wednesday”)

Apparently, not only does Forever 21 produce a lot of freakishly bad clothing, they also are unaware of the term, free speech.
While Kane’s site is popular, she most likely is not making much, if any money, off her blog. Really? Sue her for pointing out stuff like this..

  Can the collective public sue Forever 21 for producing clothing for the people of Walmart?




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2 thoughts on “Loyal through the Muck

  1. Dang, those are some seriously tasteless clothes! I agree that she should be able to say what she wants on her blog. She's not actually saying "Susie Smith's latest creation was approved by her seeing-eye dog," or "This designer is a retired baseball umpire," although she could. I'm less loyal with authors, though — if they're well established. One of my favorites wrote awesome books — until the last 5-10 pages. Every ending stunk. But if it's an author with whom I have any sort of relationship at all, even if just through Twitter, I tend to bite my tongue.

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