Late to the Month of June

I’m late to the month of June. How is it already the 9th?  Well, anyone who knows me, even casually, knows I am perpetually late….or even, believe it or not, ridiculously early. The two actually go hand in hand.

Tick tock, tick tock- is that the only song you can sing?  How ’bout tickity tockity tock tock tock, for once, or, tick TOCK tick TOCK, ticktock ticktock ticktock (Jaws-like)  Time is nothing but a one-hit wonder.

If by chance you have never experienced this flaw of mine, then know I either took herculean effort to be on time, or you were just extremely lucky.

At the end of May, I signed up for nablopomo (National Blog Posting Month)  each month they issue a different theme, each day they send out a different prompt. I didn’t forget exactly, just figured I could catch up quick. 9 days, shocking….and confession- I forgot the acronym, so missed the memos.

June- Fan Month 
So, I will be brief… and make this all myspace/facebook quiz-like.

1st What sports team are you a fan of?  Officially, Cavaliers. I sort of invested myself into the season, writing about them a few times a week…so I like them even more than I did before. (bonus, they did, in fact, pay for my daughter’s schooling-through the articles)

2nd What band?  Cat Empire – and locally, Skinny Moo. My good friend Dave introduced me to those guys, which- while I still love the band- makes it hard to go see them now that he is gone. 

3rd What author made you become a writer. I’ve always been a writer, but Julia Cameron had the most to do with me taking the leap into the professional realm- first with art, then teaching, now writing – my big top three…there are two more, secret roles “she” is currently helping me through her words.

4th and 5th are “rest days” 

6th  What is the difference of being a fan and fanatic. A fan likes what you do, but is not as committed, if you stop doing what they like- they move on. A fanatic does not care what anyone thinks, or what their object of fanaticism does- they still love them.

7th Are you a fan of a certain brand. eh, probably, maybe…a fan, not a fanatic. Jergen’s comes to mind, I am slightly infatuated with their original cherry almond scent lotion. 

8th What are you not a fan of.   hmpf, I am not a fan of my ‘writer shape’ I chained myself to my laptop for two years to see what I could make of myself…the career is going well, the shape, well that needs some work. 

That brings me to the 9th. amazingly- seriously, where did the month go?  It wouldn’t hurt if time just awarded June two extra weeks to even everything out. (a friend posted that as her facebook status, perfect) 

June 9th
Question: Are you the fan of an actor or actress?  Glad I am just glossing over this one, movies and actors tend to blur. There are a few who might make me go see a movie just because they are in it…John Cusack and his snarky, too cool for school attitude is one. Sandra Bullock and Drew Barrymore, maybe Meg Ryan…
I like movies, I don’t usually pull the actor out of the set. If they are any good, they stay on the screen, in character, forever.

and about the whole late thing…teachers, students, administration, teams, family, friends, workout partners…. 
I am sorry. Part of the problem stems from a “great solution” someone suggested, “Change your clocks, so that they read 25 minutes faster.”  For the record, this does NOT work…it only moves me further and further into “plenty of time” mode since I have no idea what time it actually is anymore…and can’t do the math to figure it out.


more nablopomo tomorrow. 

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  1. "I like movies, I don't usually pull the actor out of the set. If they are any good, they stay on the screen, in character, forever."What you said above really struck a chord with me Sylvia. It's very rare that I come across anybody else who feels that way

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