A is for aim, shoot, FIRE

A is for aim, shoot, FIRE
Okay, with this post, the Z to A in May challenge is complete. It actually all started back in March when I signed up for the A to Z April challenge…which morphed into the Z to A, and set me back on the bloggy path and put me in touch with other oddballs who throw their heart out into cyberspace repeatedly. 
Daily blogging also helped me solidify some new goals – and get my “voice” back after mindlessly following a writing template for a particular company…writing with a more authentic voice feels so much better and it brings my creativity back out to play. 
We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
~Anais Nin
Aim – ask yourself what you want to accomplish
Shoot – take shots at your goal …..everyday
Fire – and hit the bullseye!  
while you’re at it…
ignore the chattering birds in the trees – those who say it can’t be done
ignore the rain on your head – distractions
ignore the fear – just shoot
ignore the “need” for the latest and greatest gun – use what you’ve got, if it is the equivalent of a cork gun or simply a finger pointed in the shape of a gun – use it and move in the direction of your goal. 
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