B is for Break

 B is for Break

This weekend, I slammed on the brakes. Stopped working for three full days, let my over-worked laptop take a much needed vacation, (even dusted the poor thing, and cleaned it’s keys.)  My initial plan was to deep clean on Saturday, catch up on laundry and all that jazz, and squeeze a few hours of work in here and there.

But, the bike was calling to me, the water wouldn’t leave me alone and I missed just Being…


I took lonnnnngggg bike rides, played catch, walked the dogs until their paws were sore, went to the lake, weeded the gardens, split plants, watched a couple movies, played a game, cooked several (really good) meals, went to the pool, slept, watched the parade and sat outside with…(depending on the time of day,) coffee, ice water, popsicle, tea… ahhh, life.

Normally, I do manage most of those things, but only in between working, or with my all the gears in my head turning- just waiting to break away and type. This weekend….I paused and looked around, refocused and 
 what do you know, I feel refreshed and ready for this week. Going to file away this feeling and try it out again….here’s my recipe for a good break, because…

Break Recipe
  • Be brave, unplug – and walk away. 48 – 72 hours away from the computer isn’t always possible, but what a treat. As a side note….did you know, unplugging a wonky dishwasher, letting it sit and the plugging it back in can jumpstart it?  I thought my dishwasher was dead until I read that little tip…it works again!
  • Be ruthless, create space – There was nothing scheduled this weekend, (which won’t always be the case) but I can stop insanely over-scheduling. And although I was away from work, I did ruthlessly clean and declutter Saturday…which seemed to create a pocket of calm on its own.   
  • Be deliberate, slow down – pace yourself. With temperatures in the high 90’s this weekend, moving slower happened naturally. Even faced with a messy hall closet, playing tortoise rather than hare got the job down in probably the same amount of time.
  • Balance – moving with resting…and fully engage in both. Exercising or getting things done should be balanced with actual resting….like sitting and staring, or napping. 

 After writing this all done, it seems so silly, so simple…but I needed the reminder and the experience. It has been a long time since I actually took a real break. Even when I went to the Outer Banks….I worked 6 hours a day at least, wrote outlines on the beach and took pictures for future articles….(but, this was necessary, I needed to make the money for the trip home …and so we could do fun things while there.. ) still, working non-stop really doesn’t make me more productive, like housework, it seems to stretch and fill whatever allotted time you allow it.

……….and on another note, after spending so much quality time with my bike this weekend, I realized I need a bike bell ( okay, I don’t NEED a bike bell, just really don’t like shouting, “on your left.” would much rather ring a little bell to announce my presence.  I went to look for a bell this morning and was surprised by the choices…now I am undecided and bell-less still.  I like the 2 classic bells, “I love my bike” and the Electra rose ( I have a pink and white Electra townie) But…the coffee cup- nice,…and there is a tea pot …and a soccer ball for my son…. bike accessories galore!

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    1. I don't unplug nearly as often as I should, but every time I do, I feel so great that I vow to make it a habit. Yeah, well…I don't have a bell for my bike, but I did buy a really cute wicker basket for the handlebars. LOVE it! :O)

    2. We had a great and "breakful" weekend as well. Similar to yours, it included time on the lake, several good meals and an afternoon in the 57 Chevy with the windows down!

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