C is not for Cleaning

C is not for Cleaning
Today is an intense deep cleaning day, full of ruthless decluttering and spring cleaning activities that shouldn’t be described in polite company…. so it would stand to reason that my C word for the day would be cleaning, 

ugh, that is so boring and I’ve talked enough about simplifying…
it’s time to just do it and shut up already. 
 I clean best to music and as I pulled out my favorite CD’s I realized, ha, there were an awful lot that started with the letter C
Cranberries, Cake, Cat Empire, elvis Costello, soundtrack to Chicago, red hot Chili peppers….
so that’s it
C is for all those great artists with C’s in their name.
(see, that would have made a lousy title) 
anyways, I have work to do so,
enjoy a couple of the songs I’ll be listening to today 
and a random dress just because
Love you madly
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4 thoughts on “C is not for Cleaning

  1. Love your post, Sylvie. Ah, a woman I can totally relate to! heheh And the illustration is perfect. Enjoy your C tunes while you gag, splutter, groan, Clean.

  2. I like to clean to music too. My favorite is to put on the movie Fantasia, since my kids never would watch it anyway and listen to it while I clean. I think I will.Joycehttp://joycelansky.blogspot.com

  3. My favorite cleaning music is Big Band and Swing. I just go to my Glen Miller station on Pandora, crank up the vol and jitterbug the dust bunnies away!

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