D is for Do

 D is for Do 
 Do or do not, there is no try

…..so, in my last post I introduced the 33 project. This is going to be harder than I thought. So many decisions. Although I really do wear basically the same outfits over and over…I like having the option of maybe wearing something different. Besides, I whined to myself as I stood in my closet, summer is finally here….I love love love sundresses. Could I really cut my collection of dresses down to just a few?  And then there are the shoes; leopard print flats, heels, sandals…oh my!  This is going to take discipline.

In the only Star Wars trilogy that matters*, Yoda made it clear you just have to set your mind to a task. 
No wobbling in the noggin,
get rid of the wishy washy weak stuff and
Just Do It.

 Saying, “I’ll try,” gives you an easy out, “Well, I tried.”  Baloney, fence walkers eventually fall one way or the other. (this is really directed at my own weak self…no offense intended)

1. Decide – what change do you want to make – and Write it Down
2. Determine how – break it down into baby steps
3. Drop – cut less important things to make room for the change (edit)
4. Do – let Yoda lead the way
5. Dance!  (rinse and repeat)  in other words, do it again. Decide another area to tackle and DO IT.  

*the only Star Wars that matters….I am NOT a fan of the “new” Star Wars….Anakin makes me want to throw things…”don’t go to the dark side stupid, don’t do it…..”

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6 thoughts on “D is for Do

  1. I'm a perpetual fence walker and my catch phrase is "I'll try." You and Yoda are right. There's no time to be wishy washy. I'm either going to Do something or not. I choose the former. Thanks for the pep talk and the steps to make the goal a reality. I really needed it. I've been struggling to finish my short story. I will finish the rough draft today!

  2. I'm taking your 5 steps to heart. They'll come in handy for a few changes I want/need to make–no wardrobe ones, but no matter the undertaking, the steps remain the same. :O)

  3. OK…you didn't say anything about shoes being a part of this challenge. I can still wear all of my shoes, and when you have worn army boots to work for 25 years, you tend to go a little over board on shoes for the off duty hours. Please don't take my shoes!!!!

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