E is for Edit

E is for Edit
…..as a writer, I do my fair share of editing, and spend too much time worrying about submitted pieces, while I am waiting for my editors to edit….
but that is not what this blog post is about.
Instead, I am talking about editing your life-
Edit: correct, modify, adapt and eliminate everything that weighs you down.
There are a few main areas that need constant editing in my life: what I say yes to, my office and my closets.
Taking the time to make the necessary cuts, is essential to keeping sane. Moving from a big house to a small house made me pare down everything from furniture to books and toys, but it is a constant battle.
Even after the big move and all the cuts made, my born neat daughter cleaned out the attic and I was able to take an entire truck load to the dump….where did it all come from? 
Does clutter actually multiply? I think it does, put it in a warm, dark place and watch it grow…
Time to be tough. Edit Mr. Clean-style.
Edit the Yes
I’ve also gone through and edited the companies I work for, cutting out several that don’t really line up with my ultimate goals. I’ve stopped going to art shows, stopped selling art online and stopped looking for new ‘out of the house’ jobs…this frees me up to really throw myself into one main career….with a little peripherals like teaching once a week and a tiny bit of commission work.    
Edit the office
As much as I try to keep my desk neat, when I am under pressure to make money, (hello, end of month)…or have too many deadlines or difficult assignments…this spot becomes my little cave. I am comfortable among piles of books, papers and computers…but the chaos really doesn’t help. Time to toss and sort!
Edit the closets
I came across this intriguing website Project 333 – that proposes living with only 33 items. Every 3 months you are encouraged to choose 33 items including clothes, accessories, jewelry, outerwear and shoes! 
(she doesn’t make you count underwear, workout clothes or sleepwear thankfully!)  The rest of your wardrobe is to be boxed up, sealed and stored out of sight.  So, for three months those 33 items are rotated exclusively. This extreme simplicity makes me go aaaaaaaaa….thinking I will give it a go. I can imagine saving so much time on the whole, “hmmm, what should I wear today?” game. 
Pairing down shoes and accessories will be strange, but I won’t have to play flamingo in front of the mirror anymore,  (what looks better with this outfit, this shoe, or that shoe),  or for at least three months.
 Be More with Less is by the same author, Courtney Carver….I haven’t delved too far into this site yet, but it looks interesting…and as I edit, I’ll be freeing up more time to read. :) 

  Time to grab boxes, trash bags and a ruthless attitude! 

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6 thoughts on “E is for Edit

  1. Gee, are you available to help me declutter this place, Sylvie? Just kidding! Intriguing idea to make do with only 33 items in a month. Let us know how that goes. It's true that we all have way too much stuff and keep buying more. I've managed to curb my spending more just cause I don't have the money I used to have when I worked full time. That helps me stop overspending on stuff I don't really need anyhow, except for my notebook obsession. I can't seem to stop buying pretty notebooks. I give them as gifts but even that gets old if I keep giving the same people notebooks all the time. I just LOVE notebooks!

  2. I LOVE the idea of Project 33! The funny thing is that even though I have an overfilled closet and overfilled dressers, I tend to wear the same stuff repeatedly. I am the perfect candidate for a Project 33 edit.

  3. I hope to be able to edit my file cabinets at my last day of work tomorrow. "School's out all summer –na,na,na,na,na,na,na–"Joycehttp://joycelansky.blogspot.com

  4. Hey…since I've been out of work with this injury (almost 3 months), there are only about 3 items in my closet that I can wear. Its amazing how quickly the weight piles on when you aren't moving around…who knew?

  5. Project 333 would drive me insane. It already bugs me that people have winter and summer wardrobes that they literally put away seasonally. I would never follow that one. But, the paring down is definitely something I should do. I have so many clothes I never wear, but can't make myself part with.

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