F is Fabulous!

F is for Fabulous!  
You are fabulous. 
It’s true, you can trust me. I know fabulous. 
My daughter was recently paid a wonderful compliment- that, “she is so comfortable in her own skin, she knows who she is.”  At nearly 17 – that is a big deal. She really isn’t insecure, worried about her weight, or her life purpose, she’s not fretting over boys, or gossiping all hours of the day and night…. Somehow, someway, this fat-phobic, insecure, people pleasing, scaredy cat managed to raise a healthy teen who is pleasant to be around, she has big goals and a reasonable plan. Her room is neat, she volunteers her time, is kind to the sister she shares a room with….and on and on… she’s fabulous….and I am flabbergasted. 
This post was going to be on Fat…my war with fat, how I look back at pictures and am shocked to realize that I actually wasn’t as big as a house…in fact, I was quite thin at the time I was at my most obsessed. But that got me thinking, how did my daughters escape that fate?  All the experts say not to let your daughters hear you talk negative about your weight…and all that jazz, I not only talked negative, I have been quite the mess.,…running obsessively, dieting nonstop…landing myself in a nice quiet facility at one low point in my life. 
My daughters are fabulous. They choose healthy food, or not, exercise sanely,  laugh at my insistence they drink lots of water…but then they do….swim suit season doesn’t strike fear into their hearts, they wear their suits and enjoy their strong, healthy bodies. what a concept. 
So, I must be good at encouraging, so I am here to tell you YOU are fabulous too.
enjoy this tune from Phineas and Ferb
You’re Fabulous 

I don’t mean to tell you what you are you know,
Your the one with style your the whole darn show,
The other guys play their instruments fine,
But next to you their looks are a crime.

Well they say true beauty it comes from within,
But your have to be comfortable in your on skin,
So I exfoliate with this exotic cream,
Just look at me I look like a dream!

You’re the one yes you’re the star
We need you back on bass guitar
Your Fabulous (I’m Fabulous!)
Your Fabulous (I’m fabulous!)
You’re the one we all can see it’s all about you (its all about me)
Your Fabulous (I’m Fabulous!)
You’re fabulous (I’m Fabulous!)

Now no two people are like each other
So don’t be a look-a-like copying another
Unless of course you’re copying me!
Because that gives you individuality!

Nice do! So back to the matter of my words
So what do you say?
Are you back in the band?

Well maybe if I can fine my old leather!

You’re the one who sets the bar
Your hairdo king of fashions are
You’re fabulous (I’m fabulous)
You’re fabulous (ooh I’m fabulous)
You’re the one we all can see it’s all about you
(It’s all about me!)
Your Fabulous (I’m Fabulous)
Your Fabulous (I’m Fabulous)
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3 thoughts on “F is Fabulous!

  1. Fabulous Post! Your kids sound fabulous and you are, too! Thanks for the positive post guaranteed to give a person a boost and make them feel fabulous! :)!

  2. LOVE this! What a great mom you must be!It's funny that you mentioned looking back at old pics and being surprised that you were not, in fact, fat. I've done exactly that. After I had kids, I felt fat–fat and flabby. I look back at shots taken during those early years and I see a pretty slender young mother. It's crazy the lies we tell ourselves (and why aren't they nicer ones???).

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