Q is for Quiet…..shhhhhhh

~shhhhhh…q is for quiet


Writing is a quiet profession. I like that. It is also full of the unknown, will the publisher go bankrupt before the deal is final? will the website actually pay? will anyone read my work? will I be bombarded with hateful comments that attack everything from my thoughts, actions, background, parenting, future, choices.. to the way I do my hair?   Not to mention the ever present deadlines-that I live and breath for…only to watch the assignment sit on the editors desk for days, weeks…ugh!

All the intensity is basically boiling under the surface.  It’s like being a professional duck. Calm, cool and collected on the surface- but paddling like crazy-mad under water. People around me can’t see the intensity, sure, if they read my blog they would know how freaked out, insanely scared I am of certain things, but my neighbors wouldn’t know it…

Interviewing is new to me……when I accepted a series of assignments, I alternated between the “of COURSE you can do this” and the “You are an idiot”  self talks. My good friend reminded me that I do this A LOT. it’s okay, that’s just how I am put together, an introvert with a raging adrenaline addiction.

Now that all is quiet again, inside and out…I have learned a few things;

* heels, perfume and lip gloss really are confidence boosters
* interviewing is just listening
* i have surprisingly bad handwriting…now
* people like to talk about themselves
* i LOVE my work


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