R is for Relax

R is for Relax
 Well, I made it through the majority of my interviews…one more today and then the mad dash to deadline. At least, that’s how I have been looking at it, but
maybe, just maybe…I need to relax.

 The interviews went surprisingly well. I learned a lot, enjoyed the break from being in front of my computer and met interesting new people. 
Since my to-do list is packed the rest of the week; between work/school/home/kids/sports….must-do’s and wanna-do’s
I could easily cross sleep off the list and still not have time to do it all.
that is not going to happen. 
Lots of freelancers/moms/etc… have made that choice. I’ve made that choice, oftentimes running on less than 5 hours a night…or just a couple hours, plus a nap during the afternoon.
“No-sleep” is like a badge of honor…and I really like honor badges. 
I can trace this obsession back to my Girl Scout and 4H years,
but, like my old sashes from those days, it is time to put away the badge mentality.  
Relax, work sane, sleep. 
I’ll at least try it as an experiment   
A clinical trial: what would happen if Sylvie took a break, slept, made time for nothing?
(there, I made sound like “work” ….have to ease into this ya’ know)
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6 thoughts on “R is for Relax

  1. I am just starting to learn the art of relaxation. After spending most of my life in sleep deprivation, I am noticing the perils of not relaxing.

  2. I was a tightly wound kid and really didn't learn to relax until after I turned 40. Peri-menopause hit me really hard and I pretty much had no choice but to learn to let go a little. Meditation has been a remarkable tool in helping me to chill a little. I’m blogging my way back from Z to A, and I’d love for you to take a peek at my “R” post: Right Here, Right Now..

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