S is for Six degrees of Separation

 It has been suggested that only 6 people stand between you and anyone else on the planet. This “Human spider Web” means that a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend will bring you and anyone together. It’s one of those old theories that seems to prove itself true. Proposed in 1929, by Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy, I guess you could call him the original social networker. If he had access to the technology back then, maybe he would have developed Facebook or LinkedIn.  My “scary day” had me calling strangers on the phone…I didn’t give any thought to possibly knowing anyone on my list. No, these were people with numerous letters after their names, people far and above little ol’ me. (and I was right- I didn’t know anyone on my list)


The first lady I interviewed was fascinating. (full disclosure when my work publishes…) and through our conversation, I discovered she knows the author of one of my favorite books, the book I literally kept strapped to my bike, just in case I had a hicop in my travels and had a moment to reread a passage. I am not easily starstruck, er, maybe I am, just in my own way. There are people I would love to meet- who probably wouldn’t be considered “stars” in pop circles, but in my own little head they are elevated on beautiful white pedestals.

*following a rabbit trail here*
There is one individual who would never imagine himself a superhero, but he is…to me.  I’ve embarrassed myself enough over the years with my over the top praise and gratitude. It makes no logical sense, but I am convinced it is true.

excuse me,

“-in case you are reading this, thanks again!-  yes, I am talking directly to you.”

okay, I’m back. 

Who hasn’t had the strange connection on facebook….you ‘friend’ someone, only to discover they are already friends with your best friend from elementary school….how in the world do you two know each other?…..

Driving home from the interview with this amazing little lady, tears welled up in my eyes. (partly from stress relief that my first major step was complete) but also from the realization that this unexpected connection occurred. I love connecting the dots, seeing what can be pulled together from random chaos. I am content leaving the big picture to God, but these little glimpses make life a real adventure.

Take the next step…

                 who knows where it will lead you…..

                                                             or to whom.


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  1. What a lovely connection, Sylvie. I totally believe the six of sep rule. :) It's a fun game to play at parties too :) Cheers and keep on grooving through the Z to A in May :)

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