U is for Unexpected!

I interrupt my previously planned post for U, to bring you….

U is for Unexpected
I had dinner plans Friday night with a group of friends. I’m not all about eating out…but somehow this tradition was started to meet up at a different restaurant each month. One of us plans the night and everyone else goes along with it. The girl in charge  last night chose an Italian restaurant. It was nice, although I can never understand going out for spaghetti…so I had calamari, and then crab cakes. :) 
When she announced her ideas for the “after party”  I was like, eh-whatever….others felt the same way and we actually ended up hitting a different place first, but that flopped for reasons beyond our control (fifteen thousand softball players took over the place)  so…we went with her first choice.
The place was an old, old, old establishment that I had been to once for a wedding reception. Too fancy, too over the top for my tastes….BUT…little did I know it had a cellar pub. Well hidden down the massive white staircase with columns of light was this dark, airport lounge looking place. Me and my bad attitude walked in and was instantly charmed. The place was packed!  Full of people dressed in their dancing best. People at least 20+ years older than everyone in my group. We found a couple booths over by the band who was sitting around eating large plates of cake and drinking coffee (and assorted beverages) 
We are all over 40, but felt like we were sitting at the kids table at a wedding. :) 
The background music was playing Love Shack, and people were *gasp* dancing…and having a great time. 
How could we not dance?  It was so much fun…no one knew us…no one cared….they were all just showing off their moves….some were remarkably good, others unbelievably bad. 
The band got up to play, all older guys, saxophone, keyboard, drums and a bass…..they played their funky hearts out. The dance floor was full to overflowing…we laughed and danced and people watched till who knows when… Unexpected fun is the BEST.

and…I get the irony. My latest posts and a few of my recent articles were related to aging in a way…to see first hand and up close older people really enjoying themselves was awesome. Plus, I know where to go now to dance where I won’t feel old : )  

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6 thoughts on “U is for Unexpected!

  1. I love to dance, anytime – anywhere. I would have thoroughly enjoyed myself on a girls night out like this. Come to think of it, I am way overdue! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. The best fun in the unexpected fun! A similar thing happened to me on Saturday and we ended up at a karaoke bar that was absolutely hysterical and fun. Aren't the best adventures the ones you don't see coming?Ava

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