Y is for Yogi

Y is for Yogi…one of my past job titles was, “desk yogi”  
I worked at a yoga studio, ran the desk, set up classes, sold merchandise, cleaned up and occasionally watched a child or two while their parent went to class. 
All this in exchange for unlimited yoga classes.

While I loved the studio, it was warm and smelled spicy, (not sweaty-the candles were spicy), over time the redundancy and calm was maddening. Next door to the studio was a massage therapy center and then on the other side, some sort of completely silent office space. All I know is that the woman who worked there always wore gray and didn’t smile.  The peaceful studio with it’s slow moving, smiling instructors who rarely talked above a whisper seemed to get smaller and smaller.

As a writer who spends great expanses of time basically alone, wrapped up in words and thoughts…I crave chaos, new sights and sounds, the less predictable. Instead of taking advantage of my free classes, I’d skip them in order to run in the woods with my music turned up high. Or grab my kids and go rollerblading, or biking anything to see something new, to do something a little riskier, a little louder.

While I left that studio- I still practice yoga….at home….occasionally.
I am well-versed on the benefits, and saw the results for myself. The stressed out executives who came in and transformed into sweaty calm versions of themselves and the insecure giant T-shirt wearers, who quickly gained body confidence and started dressing in bra tops and stretch pants. 
But for me, more of the same-quiet, wrapped up in my head days needed contrast.

In conclusion-Y wisdom of the day from a former “desk yogi”
When looking for exercise, (or part time work)  sometimes it helps to do something completely opposite to what you are used to.  ~ommmmmmmm~ 

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7 thoughts on “Y is for Yogi

  1. Great Y post. I don't think I could actually "go" to work in a quiet place, but when I am the only one home there are times that I spend the whole day with no music or TV at all, it's just me and my laptop. Most of the time I have the TV on for some sort of background noise though.

  2. Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

  3. I've not done yoga, though I do some stretches for the arthritis etc. Used to do aerobics, but frankly I'm not into the class mentality. I didn't get the people wearing their make up and jewelry to exercise. I dislike noise and chaos and have the sound on while sitting on my computer. Not one who has the tv on for noise as so many do.We all need different things in our lives, the trick is determining what it is. Some folks have issues with that I think.Sandyz-a

  4. I love yoga and I love my Buddhist meditation sessions. But I do crave variety in my life. Sometimes I need things to be loud and obnoxious. LOL

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