Y is for Yesterday

Y is for Yesterday. In fact, yesterday was “Y day” in the A to Z blogging challenge, but from the royal wedding to my daughters formal…plus power outages throughout the day….I didn’t get around to this post. 

How fitting.
Yesterday is gone now. 
What a difference a day makes.
The couple Prince William and Kate Middleton are now, Duke and Duchess and my daughter’s gorgeous up-do, is washed out.  If you happened to catch the royal wedding, you would have seen the military precision in which every aspect was carried out. Every last detail was planned to the very second. That must have taken a lot of work, both in the planning and execution.
Yesterday there were probably people with stop watches stressing out.
Today, they can breathe. 

Yesterday, my daughter’s building excitement over the dance was threatening to make her crazy. 
She was not only going to the dance, she was in charge of the photography. Her talent is undeniable, and so, the committee asked her to take the class photos and individual shots. 
So her stress was two-fold, she wanted to do an amazing job and she wanted to have an amazing time. 
Of course, both happened. 
But that was yesterday. 

Today, she is helping with gardens and laundry. 

“It seems like yesterday.”
People say that all the time. 
but it’s true. 
Events that happened twenty years ago often feel just as close as the things that have happened last week. 

What we do each and every day 

When you are taking baby steps on your journey, remember “”Only the months and years can see what the days are building”
~Ariane Benefit  
(Ariane posted this as her facebook status today…in her words, “it’s my version of a quote”  I like it. )

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